Whale watching in Middelfart

You don't need to travel to the world's great oceans to see real whales. You can find these beautiful creatures right here in Denmark. You can see whales close up at Middelfart at Funen on a whale watching safari at Lillebælt.

Whale watching at Middelfart for all ages

Whale watching in Middelfart | Photo: Niels Martner | Scandic HotelsIt may be small but it is still an exciting experience to see the only whale in Danish waters - the porpoise. A whale watching tour at Middelfart gives you the best chance of seeing these playful animals. The ship sets sail from the Old Harbour in Middelfart and takes you around Lillebælt. You can listen to the skipper tell fun and educational tales of the porpoise and, using special listening devices, you can hear the porpoise's characteristic clicking sounds.

The porpoise - the world's smallest whale

Whale watching in Middelfart | Photo: Niels Martner | Scandic Hotels

Maybe you thought that a guinea pig was a cute little rodent that you could keep in a cage in the garden. And it is too. But this little rodent shares its name with the world's smallest whale and the only whale that lives and breeds in Denmark. The porpoise grows to a maximum of 1.8 metres in length and weighs 55-65 kg. A porpoise can stay underwater for up to 10 minutes, although a dive usually lasts between two and six minutes. The whale's favourite food is fish, and it prefers cod and herring. Porpoises find food by emitting clicks through the water, which bounce back to the whale, so it knows where the prey is. It is these clicking sounds you will be able to hear when you are out whale watching at Middelfart.

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Middelfart is located at the tip of west Funen. So it's only a 20-minute drive to Scandic Kolding on the other side of Lillebælt. Scandic Kolding is located in green areas close to the area's many sights and activities, so this is the best starting point to enjoy whale watching at Middelfart.