Cycling routes Finland

See tips on the best tour biking, cycling routes and mountain biking trails around Finland. Our cycling-friendly hotels offer a comfortable place to rest along the route.

Cycling holiday in Finland

Fresh unpolluted air, manageable and beautiful terrain, and thousands of kilometres of designated bike paths make Finland an ideal cycling destination. Whatever your preference, from fast road to gravel biking and from city tour to bike-packing, Finland offers many options. The milder seasons of spring, summer and autumn are most popular for cycling, but winter biking is also feasible.

Eastern Finland

Saimaa island route (156 km)

One of the most popular cycling routes in the Saimaa region is the stunning Saimaa Island Route, which takes you to the sights of Lappeenranta and Imatra and three charming villages in Taipalsaari, Ruokolahti and Joutseno. It is worth setting aside several days for the route, as there is plenty to see. For those interested in geology, cycling along the great Salpa fells, shaped by the continental ice sheet, is a special treat.

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South-East by Cycle -route (420 km)

The South-East by Cycle cycling route is a diverse mix of the best of South-East Finland, offering something to see and do for cyclists of all levels. The route, consisting mainly of forest and dirt roads and smaller trails, takes you to unique natural and cultural sites in South-East Finland.

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Central Finland

Aulanko mountain bike route, Hämeenlinna (13,8 km)

Varied mountain bike trails in Aulanko allow you to experience a piece of the national landscape in a historically significant scenery. Aulangonvuori's varied trails offer a challenge for even the most experienced rider. At the same time, you can experience the magnificent visitor attractions, the observation tower and the Bear Cave.

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Laajavuori mountain bike route, Jyväskylä

The Laajavuori mountain bike trail is suitable for cyclists of all levels. Depending on the pace and stops, it takes 0.5-1.5 hours to cycle around the route. The Laajavuori terrain is best covered by an off-road bike. Electric mountain bikes can be hired from the starting point, Laajis Recreational site, to make cycling even easier.

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Southern Finland

Turku archipelago cycling routes

The famous Archipelago Trail (250 km) is a circular route starting and ending in the city of Turku in southwest Finland. This Baltic island-hopping ride can also be divided in shorter sections but always involves riding along small roads and cycling paths through some of the world’s most beautiful, unspoilt archipelago scenery.

Check out also the Vanhalinna loop (29 km), where you can explore the suspension bridges of the Aurajoki River and the different terrains along the river, or the Six Municipalities loop (73 km), which has an easy profile, however the gravel roads that make up the majority of the route can be a challenge. The Aurajoki River Trail (56 km) takes you to enchanting landscapes and the headwaters of the Aurajoki River.

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Cycling-friendly Welcome Cyclist hotels

Cyclists are always welcome in all our hotels. Some of our hotels have been awarded the Welcome Cyclist certificate, which ensures that they have good and safe storage facilities, tools and washing facilities.