It’s easy to relax and enjoy the peaceful lake scenery in Scandic Aulanko Spa. In addition to different pools and saunas.

Spa area

Our luxurious spa facilities offer a refreshing break from everyday life. You can also enjoy refreshing beverages from our pool bar Lähde. Use of the spa is always included for hotel guests.


The pool area has a 25-metre long exercise pool, a multipurpose pool with hot tubs and hydromassage points, jacuzzi, hot water lagoon, cold water pools, water slide, outdoor pool and a pool suitable for small children.

Pool Size Water temperature Depth
Exercise pool 115 sqm about 28°C 1.0–1.4 m
Multipurpose pool 180 sqm about 33°C 1.2 m
Lagoon 39 sqm about 37°C 0.3–0.75 m
Jacuzzi 9 sqm about 35°C 0.9 m
Children’s pool 12 sqm about 35°C 0.2 m
Water slide 19 sqm    
2 cold pools 2x3 sqm about 5°C diameter 1 m
Outdoor pool 34 sqm about 28°C 1.4 m

The average total chlorine content of the pool water in all pools is approx. 0.6 mg/1 l water.

Our water slide is closed for the time being.


The spa area has 7 saunas; a salt sauna, a traditional sauna and a steam sauna on the women’s side and a wilderness sauna, a traditional sauna and a steam sauna on the men’s side.

Other spa services

In addition to the pool facilities, the spa complex has a cosy cafe-restaurant Karlberg, a VIP sauna equipped with a cabinet and a multipurpose sports and event hall, Aulanko Areena.