Day spa

Pampering treatments and massage services are included in the relaxing spa holiday. Kosmos Beauty Centre offers a selection of different kinds of beauty treatment and massage services in Scandic Laajavuori.

Pampering and a good mood

Spa treatments

SKY cosmetologist Isa Leppämäki performs beauty treatments, make-up, sugaring, spray tanning, gel nail polishing and eyelash extensions by agreement.

A relaxing facial (45 min) EUR 55
Initial cleaning, exfoliation, massage: neck-shoulders-decolletage and face, mask

Diamond dermabrasion facial treatment (60 min) EUR 75
Initial cleaning, diamond microdermabrasion, ampoule, face massage, mask

Ultrasound skin cleaning (60 min) EUR 65
Initial cleaning, ultrasound cleaning/exfoliation, ampoule, face massage, mask

Gentlemen’s face treatment (45 min) EUR 50
Initial cleaning, exfoliation, massage, mask. Foot massage during the mask treatment.

Traditional pedicure (60 min) EUR 60/EUR 72
Foot bath, hard skin removal, nail clipping and treatment, scaling, massage and nail polishing if needed.

Manicure (45 min) EUR 40/EUR 48
Bathing, nail filing and cuticle care, massage and polish.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping (30 min) EUR 26

Eyebrow tinting and shaping (20 min) EUR 16


Gentle and effective hair removal method that also exfoliates the skin

  • Face (20 min) EUR 15
  • Armpits (20 min) EUR 25
  • Legs (45 min) EUR 35
  • Bikini (30 min) EUR 30
  • Upper back (45 min) EUR 35
  • Chest (30 min) EUR 35


  • Day make-up (30 min) EUR 30
  • Festive make-up (60 min) EUR 50

Spray tanning

  • Whole body (30 min) EUR 40
  • Face & decolletage (20 min) EUR 20

CND gel nail polishing

  • Hands (60 min) EUR 60
  • Feet (60 min) EUR 60

Eyelash extensions

  • Lash Lovers volume eyelashes (2 h) EUR 129
  • Maintenance (60-90 min), starting at EUR 65
  • Classic eyelash extensions (90 mins) EUR 109
  • Maintenance (60 min), starting at EUR 55

Massage services

Classic, relaxing massage will be tailored according to your needs and wishes. A massage relaxes your muscles, improves metabolism and speeds up recovery from exercise. The massage therapist is Jari Pilkkakangas.

Classic massages

Neck-shoulder massage 25 min | EUR 35

Half-body massage 40 min | EUR 50

Extended half-body massage 55 min | EUR 70

Entire body massage 85 min | EUR 95

Pampering massages

Aroma massage 55 min. | EUR 70
Aroma massage is a gentle and relaxing whole-body massage. The massage is performed with warm oil, mixed with the scent of your choice.

Honey massage 45 min. | EUR 60
Honey massage is an old Tibetan treatment method. The honey is spread on the skin and the muscles are massaged until soft with the honey. The honey massage also improves circulation and metabolism.

Sole massage 45 min. | EUR 60
Sole massage is a holistic treatment that balances the body, mind and emotions and it is suitable for all. Afterwards you will experience a light and relaxed sensation.

Head massage 45 min. | EUR 60
A treatment that is both relaxing and refreshing at once. A gentle but effective treatment for the shoulders, head and face.

Chocolate massage 45 min. | EUR 70
This relaxing whole-body massage is performed with warm, chocolate-scented cocoa oil that soothes, softens and moisturises your skin.

Hot Stone massages

Hot Stone massages
30 min. /60 min. | EUR 52 / EUR 75

Hot Stone - aromatic hot stone massage
30 min. /60 min. | EUR 57 / EUR 77

The customer is massaged with soft and warm lava stones that have been polished naturally in a peaceful environment. The hot stone massage is based on Chinese medicine. It softens your muscular tissue, expands blood vessels, improves lymphatic circulation and removes muscle tension