Spa hotels in Finland

Relax in the warm tropical pools and enjoy pampering treatments and the warmth of the sauna. Free use of spa facilities is always included in the accommodation price in Scandic's spa hotels all around Finland, and there are always plenty of activities for children.

Scandic Aulanko, Hämeenlinna

A peaceful place to relax with beautiful scenery on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi in Hämeenlinna. Relax and enjoy the lake scenery in our spa facilities.

  • Free use of the spa facilities is always included in the accommodation price
  • Tropical heat of +30°C and a large relaxation suite featuring different kinds of pools, hot tubs, an outdoor pool and several saunas
  • Pool bar
  • Glow-in-the-dark bowling
  • Versatile entertainment and excellent outdoor exercise opportunities

Scandic Laajavuori, Jyväskylä

The spa hotel with its rugged charm is located in majestic scenery in Jyväskylä and features amazing facilities, high-quality Day Spa treatments and great outdoor exercise opportunities.

  • Free use of the spa facilities is always included in the accommodation price
  • The large spa area includes a heated water lagoon, a cold pool, a children’s pool, hot tubs, different kinds of saunas and an infrared sauna
  • Day Spa
  • Glow-in-the-dark bowling

Scandic Eden Nokia

The tropical spa facilities have been refurbished.

    Read more about the gorgeous relaxation suites at our wellness hotels:

    Scandic Siuntio

    A place of well-being and peace less than an hour away from Helsinki. Relax in the saunas and exercise in our amazing natural landscape.

    • Free use of the pool area is always included in the accommodation price
    • The pool area includes two 25 m pools and an outdoor pool. At weekends, the water temperature in the pools is increased to up to 30°C
    • A versatile and spacious gym and good outdoor exercise opportunities

    Scandic Imatran Valtionhotelli

    Pampering and experiences in a beautiful setting in the rugged scenery of Imatrankoski rapids.

    • Free use of the relaxation suite is always included in the accommodation price
    • A luxurious relaxation suite
    • Jacuzzis and an infrared sauna
    • Versatile exercise routes in a beautiful national landscape

    Spas close to Scandic hotels

    The following spas and water centres are near our hotels, and you can buy the entrance ticket at the hotel reception.

    Flamingo Spa, VANTAA

    Flamingo Spa Vesipuisto

    Flamingo Spa in Vantaa is located next to Shopping Centre Jumbo, Helsinki Airport and Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress and Scandic Helsinki Aviapolis hotels. The spa is a family favourite – the whole family can enjoy the water park and adults have their own Spa Kylpylä Day Spa.

    Tropiclandia, Vaasa

    From Scandic Waskia hotel you can easily access the adjacent Tropiclandia spa without having to step outside. The spa has several pools and water slides as well as a Relax Spa.

    KAUKAVEsi Water Sports Centre, KAJAANI

    Kaukaveden Vesiliikuntakeskus Scandic Kajanus -hotellin vieressä

    From Scandic Kajanus hotel you have direct access to the watersport centre without having to step outside. The centre offers several swimming pools, a 50-metre slide and pleasant saunas.