Events and performers at Restaurant Waskia

The performers at Restaurant Waskia entertain those who feel like dancing until late.

During dance evenings, the band will play approx. 21:30-01:30. Entry to the dance restaurant is free of charge for hotel guests, unless otherwise stated.

Dances are organised on Sundays approx. once a month. Dances are announced on this page. The entry ticket includes coffee and pastry.

Event schedule


Date Performer Entry ticket
Fri 25 October Guns Rosor EUR 15
Fri–Sat 15–16 November Donnez & Skåningarna EUR 25
Fri-Sat 22-23 November Dansdax EUR 15
Fri 29 November Replay EUR 15
Sat 30 November Mats Bergmans EUR 20
Thu 5 December Carisma EUR 15
Sat 7 December Carisma EUR 15
Sat 14 December Tommys & Charles Plogman EUR 18
Tue 31 December Tomas Fantz EUR 18
Fri-Sat 10-11 January Matz Bladhs EUR 20
Sat 1 February Guns Rosor EUR 15
Fri 14 February Donnez EUR 20
Sat 15 February Till baka till 80-talet Tickets coming soon (tickets are not included for hotel guests)
Thu-Fri 5-6 March Lövgrens EUR 20
Fri-Sat 27-28 March Fernandoz EUR 20
Sat 18 April Carisma EUR 15

We reserve the right to change the programme.