Most of our hotels have parking for your car either in a garage or outside. And if not, we have plenty of tips about where you can find parking as close to our hotel as possible.

The hotel parking is run by Apcoa. When parking outside, you have to prepay at the machine and type in your car’s registration number.

In the garage, the parking time starts and stops automatically when entering and exiting, with number plate recognition.

In the garage there are 3 ways to pay:

  • MOBILE: Download Apcoa Flow App or pay within 48 hours on
  • MACHINE: Pay at the machine when you leave the area by typing in your car’s registration number.
  • INVOICE: If payment is not registered within 48 hours, an invoice will be sent to the owner of the car. An invoicing fee of NOK 49 will be added.

The price is the same both outside and inside the garage:

  • NOK 32 per hour
  • NOK 140 per day

We recommend using Apcoa Flow app for paying your parking outside and inside.
Easy park can also be used outside with an added fee of 15%

If you need to park for a longer time period, we also have a partnership with Smartpark Flesland opposite our hotel, where we offer a 20% discount when your ticket has been stamped.