Hotels near Gardermoen

Whether you’re doing a stop-over at Oslo airport, attending a conference at Gardermoen, or going on a weekend trip to Oslo, it’s great to stay close to the airport. We have a good selection of hotels near Gardermoen, as well as hotels located right next to the airport express train taking you to the airport in no time at all.

If you want to stay right next to the airport, we recommend you check in to Scandic Gardermoen or Scandic Oslo Airport, both of which are right next to Oslo airport. There’s a continuous shuttle service between our hotels and the airport. For guests with an early flight or landing late at night, Scandic Gardermoen offers specially adapted breakfast and dinner times. We also have a fantastic offer for guests travelling with an early flight and wanting to leave their car for up to two weeks, included in the overnight price. Read more about our offer here.

If you want to take the quickest way to Oslo airport, Scandic Lillestrøm outdoes most hotels, and offers the shortest travel time. Our brand new hotel is located only 50 metres from Lillestrom train station, where the airport train takes you to OSL in 12 minutes.

Several of our city centre hotels are located right next to the airport train. Scandic Byporten is in the same building as the central station, and is an excellent base for those wishing to combine city life with quick and easy travel to the airport. The airport train takes you to Gardermoen in 19 minutes, with departures every 10 minutes.