Get up early so that you too can start the day with our varied, nutritional and delicious breakfast. It's always included! (Well, except in Germany and Poland!)

We believe that a good start to the day comes from a good breakfast. That's why we're so proud of our organic breakfast buffet. Here you can help yourself to good, healthy food. If you count everything, you'll see that we serve around 100 energizing breakfast items every morning. Since we're well aware that food plays a role towards a better world, we serve organic products.

A good start to the day

  • Our breakfast has at least 15 organic products (Debio-certified bronze).
  • Healthy options such as 'God morgen' cereals and vitamin shots, and a large selection of fruit and vegetables.
  • Allergy-friendly products such as gluten-free pastries, gluten-free muesli and organic rice drink.
  • More than 100 delicious breakfast items to choose from, including home-smoked salmon and warm liver paste.

Our SHOP is well-stocked and practical

  • It is open 24 hours a day
  • You'll find everything from toothbrushes to playing cards
  • You can buy light meals and take them up to your room
  • You can grab a cappuccino or a juice when you're on the go