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Don’t worry about parking when you stay with us. On most of our hotels we have space for it as well, either in the garage or outdoors. If not, come by our hotel reception for tips on parking opportunities as close as possible to the hotel.

The hotel does not have any parking affiliated with the hotel. The best parking option however is located just 150 meters from the hotel. It is called «Fjellet P-Hus» and is open 24/7.

It costs you NOK 290,- per 24h. Please, park inside Hall 1, Hall 2 or Hall 3. Those halls are closest to the hotel.

You can also choose to park on the “Sentrum Terrace”, which is located at the same spot which costs NOK 190,- a day, or NOK 100,- for the night (8pm-8am)

If you are here during the weekend, all public parking is free until Monday 8 am. The parking meter will say "Monday 8am" if it is free. Easypark, Europark and Apcoa are usually always paid parking.

Outdoor parking (Fjellet P-Hus, Sentrum Terrasse)

  • Number of charging points for electric cars: 2
  • Please contact the hotel for charging prices.
  • Parking can be reserved in advance: No
  • Number of parking spots: 0
  • Distance to hotel: 150 m