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In Scandic Borlänge's restaurant, you can enjoy a good breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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+46 243 799000

Changed food offering and adjustment of facilities
Due to the current circumstances, we have temporarily adapted our restaurant offer at the hotel. A limited range of food and beverage is available in our shop. We also serve our breakfast individually packaged. Deviations regarding gym and relaxation may occur.

We believe breakfast is essential for you to get a good start to the day. That is why mornings at Scandic revolve around the organic food in our breakfast buffet, where you can help yourself to a tasty mix of healthy and enjoyable food. For lunch and dinner, our popular Scandic Classics are among the options available. We always prepare meals carefully, especially for those with special dietary requirements. Our bar is located next to the restaurant, and has comfortable armchairs, big-screen TV and an open fire.

Our restaurant and bar do not accept cash payments. We accept most cards, such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Cash payment is accepted at our hotel reception.

This hotel, including the restaurant and the bar, is cash-free. You can pay by card or with Apple- or Samsung Pay. We accept most common cards.

Opening hours

Opening hours
Breakfast: Mon-Fri 06:30-09:30, Sat-Sun 07:00-10:00
Lunch: Mon-Sun Closed
 (closed from 23 march: Mon-Sun Closed)

Dinner: Mon-Sun Closed