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As our hotel guest, you have the opportunity to park your car in a separate enclosure at P-hus Nordstan. Before travelling to our hotel, please contact the reception to provide the required information. There are a limited number of spaces.

If you need help with directions, select Scandic Europa among the hotels shown on the P-hus Nordstan website.

To book your parking space:

  • To book your parking space in the Scandic enclosure, send an email with the name on your reservation, your registration number and phone number to Please note that there are a limited number of spaces.
  • You pay for the parking when you pay for your hotel room.

Garage (Nordstan)

  • Number of charging points for electric cars: 0
  • Parking can be reserved in advance: No
  • Number of parking spots: 120
  • Distance to hotel: 150 m
  • Address: Spannmålsgatan
Weekday prices
Price per 24 hours 250 SEK
Weekend prices
Price per 24 hours 250 SEK