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Here you will find information on where to park when you visit us.

Public garage in the hotel's basement

There is a public garage in the hotel basement. There are two entrances to the garage. You either enter via the entrance from Pildammsvägen (right opposite the Opera House) or you enter from St. Johannesgatan, which is next to Södra Förstadsgatan (not Pildammsvägen).

From the garage, you can take the lift straight up to our lobby. Follow the Scandic signs on the ceiling to find a parking place near the hotel lift that takes you straight to our lobby.

We can add the daily (24h) parking fee to your hotel bill. Other payment methods are managed by Apcoa Parking.

Park & Go

  • The parking system Park & Go means that cameras read the car registration number when you enter and exit the garage. It is a ticketless system.
    You can pay at the payment machine before the exit or via the Apcoa web portal (within 72 hours of exiting the garage). Invoice (an invoice is created 72 hours after the recorded exit time and sent to the owner of the vehicle; an invoicing fee of SEK 59 is added to the invoice on top of the parking fee).
  • Park using the Parkster app
  • Park using the Easypark app

Fee every day (24 hours):

  • SEK 25 per hour or part thereof
  • SEK 50 up to 3 hours
  • SEK 200 per day

Garage (Triangelgaraget)

  • Number of charging points for electric cars: 29
  • Charging prices provided by the charging provider.
  • Parking can be reserved in advance: No
  • Distance to hotel: 0 m
  • Address: S:t Johannesgatan alternativt Pildammsvägen
Weekday prices
Price per hour 25 SEK
Price per 24 hours 200 SEK
Weekend prices
Price per hour 25 SEK
Price per 24 hours 200 SEK