Camper Co-Living rooms

Travelling with extended family, a group of friends or colleagues and want to find a hotel room with capacity for up to 12 people? Or perhaps you’re just looking for an extra-large and spacious room? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Downtown Camper in Stockholm we have created unique rooms for occasions just like this. We call them Camper Co-Living.

Unique rooms for big groups 

What is Camper Co-Living?

Spacious hotel rooms of 64–95 sqm that sleep 6 to 12 people. A bed for everyone as well as communal areas for socialising, working and eating with more privacy. Each room leads off from a suite that has one or two connecting doors to adjacent rooms. When you choose to stay in a Camper Co-Living room you get unique accommodation which is more like an apartment than a classic hotel room or suite. All these rooms are located on the upper floors with magnificent views. 

How do I book?

Our Camper Co-Living rooms for 8 or more people cannot be booked online and must be booked directly with Downtown Camper via phone or email.
For these rooms, cancellation is free up to 14 days before arrival. After that, the full cost is charged.

What does it cost?

Depending on the size of the room, prices start at SEK 11,500 per room and night. Included in the price is the overnight stay, our large breakfast buffet for the group, free daily activities such as yoga, running in groups, film nights and free WiFi

What do the rooms look like?

The sketches below show the various combinations of our unique Camper Co-Living rooms that can accommodate 6–12 people. 

Camper Grand Suite – 64 ​sqm (6 people)

A Camper Grand Suite. This room has 2 double beds and/or bunk beds or sofa beds. We have 2 of these suites.

Camper Co-Living – 68–72 ​sqm (8 people)

A Camper Master Suite with door to a connecting room. This room has double beds and/or bunk beds or sofa beds. We have 2 suites in this combination. 

Camper Co-Living – 89 ​sqm (10 people)

A Camper Grand Suite with door to a connecting room.  This room has double beds and/or bunk beds or sofa beds. We have 2 suites in this combination.

Camper Co-Living – 95 ​sqm (12 people)

A Camper Master Suite with door to 2 connecting rooms. This room has double beds and/or bunk beds or sofa beds. We have 6 suites in this combination.

A new and unique room concept, the first in the industry

For new and unique travel arrangements. With extended family, groups of friends or colleagues. For many, the size of the hotel room is an important part of their hotel experience. Perhaps we want our own room for peace and quiet, but prefer communal areas for work, socialising and dining. At Downtown Camper 86 out of a total 494 hotel rooms are so-called connecting rooms; adjacent rooms with a door that can be opened between them. Out of these, 4 hotel suites are included in our unique Camper Co-Living room concept.

We look forward to your reservation!