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Gym and health

On the top floor, just outside The Nest, you'll find our gym which our hotel guests have free access to. Here you can work out to a magical view over Stockholm. As a guest at the hotel, you will also be able to access the wellness area with the outdoor pool, sauna and experience showers to a discounted fee. Age limit of 16 years.

In addition to having a gym and a wellness area at the hotel, you have access to bikes, kayaks and skateboards - all for free. As a hotel guest you can also attend activities that take place every week, ranging from social fun runs to relaxing yoga. Read more about these activites in our Activities Calendar.

The Nest Wellness

Please note that an additional charge is payable for The Nest Wellness with sauna, outdoor pool and relaxation suite. Our wellness area is popular, so we recommend that you book in advance. Age limit 16 years (also applies for our gym).

Gym Downtown Camper by Scandic in Stockholm


Ordinary opening hours: 05:30 - 22:00
Weekend opening hours: 05:30 - 22:00
The Nest, spa with sauna


On Saturdays, The Nest Wellness is open until 22.00
Separate sauna for men and women: No
The Nest, shower with view

Relaxation suite

Ordinary opening hours: 07:30 - 20:00
Weekend opening hours: 07:30 - 20:00
The Nest, outside pool with chair

Outdoor pool

On Saturdays, The Nest is open until 22.00.
Pool width: 2.1 m
Pool length: 12.4 m
Pool depth from: 0.8 m
Pool depth to: 0.8 m