Meeting Lobby
Meeting Lobby
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Meetings, Conferences & Events

There is plenty of space for meetings, conferences and parties in our large, modern event room. We offer the ideal conditions for a grand function, good transport possibilities for the event guests, and rooms with large capacity.

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We have eight meeting and conference venues for up to 300 people. Book the entire floor for large events, or a smaller venue if you're planning a function with fewer guests.

Hold your event in this spacious setting, where the windows stretch from floor to ceiling. Our heavenly location on the 5th floor ensures a wonderfully spacious feel, and with a full 625 sqm at your disposal, there's room for dancing as well. If you prefer a smaller space, we have meeting rooms ideal for that too, which can be booked individually.

We enjoy a lovely serene location next to Malaren beach, just 5 km from the energetic vibe of Stockholm city centre. There is excellent public transport and proximity to Bromma airport, the metro, tram and bus.

We also offer the opportunity to put together a personal event adapted to your specific requirements. Perhaps you want to start the day with a reception and welcome drinks in the Ballroom, enjoy an exquisite dinner in Grand Slam and conclude by kicking up your heels on the dance floor? Or perhaps you're leaning more towards a conference which concludes with a quiet drink in the bar for all concerned? Let the planning begin!

  • Meeting Room Stockholm Classroom Style
    39 39 m2 18-40 max 40 pers.


  • Meeting Room Paris U-shape style
    71 71 m2 24-50 max 50 pers.


  • Meeting Room Wimbledon
    43 43 m2 18-40 max 40 pers.


  • Meeting Room Kulti
    24 24 m2 14 max 14 pers.

    Nicklas Kulti

  • Meeting Room Kalle
    21 21 m2 10 max 10 pers.

    Kalle Schröder

  • Alvik, Meeting,banquet_alvik
    37 37 m2 16-32 max 32 pers.


  • Meeting Room New York Classroom Style
    70 70 m2 24-50 max 50 pers.

    New York

  • Meeting room Melbourne
    71 71 m2 24-50 max 50 pers.


  • Alvik, Meeting,banquet_alvik
    212 212 m2 144-210 max 210 pers.

    Grand Slam

  • Meeting room Stockholm
    76 76 m2 44-72 max 72 pers.

    Stockholm-Båstad connected

  • Meeting room Bollkalle
    20 20 m2 8 max 8 pers.


  • Meeting Room New York Classroom Style
    141 141 m2 50-100 max 100 pers.

    New York-Paris (Connected)

  • Meeting Room Paris U-shape style
    142 142 m2 50-100 max 100 pers.

    Paris-Melbourne (Connected)