Explore the Hood

Tune in to your neighborhood. Here are our local favorites and some good-to-know stuff to keep in mind while visiting Stockholm. Let’s get clued-up!

Ride safe

Pick a fair taxi: Taxi Stockholm 15 00 00, Taxi 020, Taxi Kurir, TopCab, and SverigeTaxi are all OK. Or just take an Uber.

Cash is not King

Bring your credit card (and remember, AmEx is not accepted everywhere). 

Freedom to Roam

Allemansrätten (the Right to Public Access) means you can explore any land (with the exception of private gardens and cultivated land), as long as you don’t disturb and leave no trace. 

Public Transport

Plan and pay for your trip on the SL Journey Planner app. 

Liquor Limited

Only one store sells booze in Sweden, and that’s Systembolaget. 


10-15% in restaurants. Round up for the taxi fare.


In an emergency, call 112. For health counseling, 1177. 


Most bars and restaurants close at 01. Clubs stay open until 02, 03 or sometimes even 05. Bring your ID and be there on time to avoid the long queues.

For the Essentials

Coop, Sveavägen 70

Convenience Store
7-Eleven, Vasagatan 44

Apoteket, Kungsgatan 51

Alcoholic Beverages
Systembolaget, Drottninggatan 45 

Local Favourites

Lådan, Luntmakargatan 63

La Neta, Barnhusgatan 2

Urban Deli, Sveavägen 44

Coffee Shops
D’Abramo, Vasagatan 50

Café Ragazzi, Drottninggatan 71

Beyond Retro, Drottninggatan 77

H&M Rental, Drottninggatan 50

Revolv Vintage, Upplandsgatan 25

Cocktail Bars
Röda Huset, Malmskillnadsgatan 9

Americain, Hötorget 13-15

Lucy’s Flower Shop, Birger Jarlsgatan 20