Smart Self-Service

A lot of things in life hold you back. We don’t. At Scandic Go you simply use your smartphone for everything you need. You can check in and out, stream your favorite movie to the in-room TV screen, and order food and drinks in just a few clicks.

We’re not here to waste your time. With our smooth and intuitive self-service we’re giving you full control of your stay. Before you get here, we’ll send you a link with everything you need. Check in on your phone before you arrive, and we’ll let you know when your room’s ready. Easy peasy. No wifi on the road? Chill, you can always check in on the tablet in our lounge. Oh, and for the room keys, simply scan your code when you get here.

For food and drinks, simply pick and pay on your smartphone. We’ll ping you when your order is ready for pick-up. Prefer the good ol’ fashioned IRL connection? Of course, a friendly human is always nearby if you need a helping hand.