Let our Lifestyle Concierge add a touch of rock 'n' roll to your next Stockholm trip

Discovering a new city is a wonderful experience. The ideal situation, of course, is if you know someone who can tell you the best spots you can’t find by googling. If you stay at Grand Central, you don’t need to know someone to find, or help book, the best restaurants, places to shop or night clubs. All you need to do is contact our Lifestyle Concierge, Denise Lopez. She can help you find your way around Stockholm better than most locals.

Enjoy a stay in Stockholm with all the extras included.

Many hotels offer a concierge service – a person who helps you book theatre tickets, tells you the opening hours for museums, or shows you on a map how to find the best way to wherever you're heading. At Grand Central, we have taken the concierge concept one step further and created the Lifestyle Concierge service. So how does it differ from the more conventional concierge service? Well, this is not just about getting directions to the usual tourist destinations. Our Lifestyle Concierge helps you solve problems like getting into the VIP section at a nightclub, renting a special vehicle, or finding a table at a popular restaurant.

Our Lifestyle Concierge at Grand Central is Denise Lopez. Her name may ring a bell with many of you. And yes, when you book this complimentary service, you'll be greeted by none other than famous Swedish singer, songwriter and producer, Denise Lopez. Besides helping customers get more out of their trip to Stockholm, Denise is in charge of Grand Central’s musical entertainment and shop.

How did you end up at Grand Central?

“I saw it as a way to grow and develop in the music industry. I get to work with music in a different way than I did before. I've been traipsing around the world since the 1990s, so it felt good to be able to stay in one place with regular working hours. I still get to work on my own music on the side, releasing songs and recording, but to a lesser extent than before.”

Grand Central is a New York inspired hotel with roots in Urban music – a broad term that encompasses R&B, classic soul, hip hop and a touch of pop. Music is a constant presence, at a pleasant, chat-friendly volume.

Denise is careful not to get too focused on one certain type of music. One important aspect of her job is finding the right artists and DJs for the hotel’s gigs. She looks for an acoustic sound and is always eager to showcase new talents. Our hotel also works with NRJ radio station, which offers live sessions and has featured artists such as Benjamin Ingrosso and Peg Parnevik.

“The music is primarily aimed at hotel guests so you always have to maintain a certain balance. You can’t have the volume too loud or too soft, or attract too many people or too few. I'm often asked by record companies to book artists. Calculating how large an audience a particular artist will attract is a real challenge. If I think an act will attract too many people to the hotel, I can always turn to our own local Vasateatern theatre which is an ideal concert venue. We've used it for concerts for singers like Little Jinder and Petter.”

What's the most common type of question you get from the hotel guests?

“When will the next act perform on the stage?”

If you're interested in music, Grand Central is the place to go. If you’re looking for musical entertainment at other venues in Stockholm, naturally Denise can help you with that too.

The job of Lifestyle Concierge also includes managing our shop, which is mainly a fashionable online store where Denise orders products and brands that are suited to Grand Central’s overall concept. This can involve anything from interior decorating items to watches and headphones. Denise arranges pop-up events a few times a month, introducing new brands and designers who can market their own products.

How do you find a balance between work and music, the shop and greeting the hotel guests?

“I'm constantly on the move in the hotel and I also have my own desk in the lobby. The best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail and from there book an appointment. It’s invaluable to me if a guest can be specific about what they want, making it easier for me to provide assistance. In order to give the guests the best possible service, I also work closely with the reception staff. They can assist the guests with simpler requests related to sightseeing, museums or booking theatre tickets. I step in when the requests are more specific and a little more difficult to satisfy. Like booking a helicopter and then eating at a certain restaurant.”

If you have booked a stay in Stockholm at Grand Central, do not hesitate to contact Denise. Getting her expert help and advice costs you nothing, but getting into the otherwise inaccessible VIP section of a certain nightclub is impossible to put a price on.