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Lilla Hotellbaren

Listen and sing along to well-known artists, or be one of the first to discover a new talent. Enjoy a delicious drink and try something from our bar menu. DJs and live music play here at least 6 days a week.

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+468 517 347 00

There's plenty of room, so don't worry about booking a table. Tickets are sold for live concerts; admission is free for everything else. Whether you're looking for a full Friday night's entertainment or just a few relaxing hours on a Wednesday, our very own little music bar in the centre of Sodermalm's vibrant hub is the place for you.

This hotel, including the restaurant and the bar, is cash-free. You can pay by card or with Apple- or Samsung Pay. We accept most common cards.

Opening hours

Opening hours
Bar: Mon-Sun Closed
Live Events: Fri-Sat 18:00-01:00, Mon-Thu, Sun Closed