Partnerships with added value for our guests

2E Group

2E Group is one of the leading players in the entertainment industry in Scandinavia. The group creates entertainment and meetings for more than 1.8 million guests each year – both private individuals and corporate clients. 2E Group ensures the meeting between people and the experience is superior to everything else. Founded by three entrepreneurial companies, all with passion, creativity and commitment as their driving force, the group creates authentic experiences with heart and presence – via digital channels as well as on the stage and in relationship-building meetings. Whether we are meeting at a show, musical, theatre, concert, meeting or online, it happens here and now.

Ældre Sagen

Ældre Sagen is a non-political organisation with over 800,000 members in Denmark. Scandic partners with LIC in Denmark for marketing and sales. We offer LIC members a special discount when they stay with us.

Edderkoppen Theatre

Edderkoppen Theatre is located in the same building as Scandic St. Olavs Plass. The theatre is therefore a natural corporate partner that enables us to offer experiences and entertainment to our guests when they stay at Scandic.

ICA Group

The ICA Group is one of the Nordic region's leading retail companies, with around 2,300 of its own and retailer-owned shops in Sweden, Norway and the Baltic countries. Scandic works closely with ICA and ICA cards, where Scandic provides unique offers for members.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is a national organisation responsible for marketing Norway as a tourist destination in all markets. Scandic is actively involved in this work by being a partner in various promotional projects.

Junibacken children's activity centre

Junibacken is a house bursting with stories, laughter and mischief. The central attraction is the story train and Astrid Lindgren's fantastic tales, but visitors can also meet many other famous figures such as Alfie Atkins, Pettson & Findus, Mulle Meck and many, many more. With Junibacken as our corporate partner, we are able to offer our guests travelling with children an enhanced experience in Stockholm when they stay at Scandic.


Lantmännen is one of the Nordic region's largest groups in food, energy and agriculture. Scandic works in partnership with Lantmännen and the Agrolkortet card. We are able to communicate offers via their monthly invoices and website. Scandic has also developed customised nutrition for sports enthusiasts together with Lantmännen AXA.


LIC is a Danish/Swedish, member-owned financial organisation with special offers for members on a variety of goods and services. The organisation was founded in 1952 and today has over 285,000 members. Scandic partners with LIC in Denmark for marketing and sales. We offer LIC members a special discount when they stay with us.


Mecenat AB makes it easier for students by providing benefits that are relevant during their studies. Mecenat AB issues the Mecenat card in partnership with the Swedish National Union of Students. The Mecenat card is free to students and student unions each term. Scandic offers accommodation at student rates to the target group. A valid Mecenat card must be presented at check-in.

The Finnish National Theatre

The Finnish National Theatre next to Scandic Grand Central Helsinki is founded in 1872 and the oldest Finnish-language professional theatre in Finland. The common will of the partnership is to create extraordinery experiences for all lovers of theater, urban culture and cultural tourism as well as Scandic Friends members.


The Stadium concept began its journey in 1974 and today there are about 100 Stadium shops in Sweden and Finland. We currently work in partnership with Stadium Sports Camp, which is a nationwide sports camp for young people aged 11–14 years. We are also looking at what other touchpoints we may have for future collaborations.

Stockholm Visitors Board

Stockholm Visitors Board AB is Stockholm's tourist board. Their task is to coordinate resources within business and municipalities while also coordinating the marketing of Stockholm under the joint brand 'Stockholm – the Capital of Scandinavia'. Stockholm Visitors Board works across four business areas: Private travel, Meetings & Congresses, Events, Tourist service and MD staff. Along with the tourism industry, they implement over 100 marketing projects in Sweden and in 15 foreign markets every year. Scandic runs workshops and trade fairs with the Stockholm Visitors Board.


Tivoli Gardens is a world famous tourist attraction in central Copenhagen. Scandic has been working closely with Tivoli Gardens for many years and markets packages with hotel and admission to Tivoli Gardens.


TusenFryd is one of Norway's largest amusement parks with about 500,000 visitors annually. The park today offers as many as 33 attractions. Scandic works together with TusenFryd to offer our guests extra excitement on holiday and during the summer months.


VisitDenmark is a national organisation responsible for marketing Denmark as a tourist destination in all markets. Scandic is actively involved in this work by being a partner in various promotional projects.


Visit Finland is a national organisation responsible for marketing Finland as a tourist destination in all markets. Scandic is actively involved in this work by being a partner in various promotional projects.


VisitOslo is an organisation responsible for the promotion of tourism in the capital region. VisitOslo leads the project by profiling and positioning the Oslo region as a destination. Scandic in Oslo works in partnership with VisitOslo at various sales and marketing events.


VisitSweden is a national organisation responsible for marketing Sweden throughout the world. Their aim is to arouse curiosity for Swedish travel experiences and promote interest in Sweden. Their goal is to increase the number of visitors to Sweden and thereby create better business opportunities for the tourism industry. Together with VisitSweden, Scandic runs workshops, trade fairs, advertising campaigns and other marketing activities.

Wallmans Nöjen AB

Wallmans Nöjen is one of Sweden's leading showbiz companies.
They were the first company in Sweden to introduce the successful concept of waiters and waitresses providing on-stage entertainment. Today, Wallmans also offers their Dinnershow restaurants in Copenhagen and Oslo. Scandic cooperates with Wallmans, which gives us the opportunity to offer our guests experiences and entertainment in the Nordic region.

Wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderful Copenhagen is a network organisation for partnerships in the tourism industry. Scandic partners with WOCO for marketing and sales, and participates in promotions on the international market to promote Copenhagen to foreign travellers.