Sustainable partnerships

We cooperate with companies and organisations that take sustainability seriously. They believe, just as we do, that caring for people and the environment can both contribute to good business and a better society.

Partnerships which make the world a slightly better place

The Natural Step

In 1994, Scandic's environmental work started in earnest. The Natural Step was our advisor from the start, and their principles of sustainability still guide us today. The Natural Step helps businesses and organisations make strategic decisions for sustainability (economic, environmental and social).

Diversity Charter in Sweden

Diversity Charter is a network for companies and organisations that are actively looking for a successful way to work with diversity. The business is an industry initiative that started in 2010 in Sweden, by companies like Scandic.

Real Stars

In 2014, Scandic Sweden began a co-operation with the Real Stars organisation. The collaboration focuses on 'Fair Sex', that is, work against human and sex trafficking.


Scandic is part of the Consultation Committee on the environment project ICARUS, operated by Business Travel Association. ICARUS is the largest international sustainability initiative for the business travel industry.


Visita is the hotel and restaurant industry's own organisation in Sweden. Scandic is part of Visita's sustainability council.


Klimaloftet is Norway's climate campaign from the government and Ministry of the Environment. The aim is to create an understanding and commitment to climate issues and to contribute to reducing emissions. Scandic is one of the Ministry of the Environment's corporate partners and is to participate in the design of a powerful concept for Klimaloftet.

Stockholm Water Prize

Scandic is one of the founders of the Stockholm Water Prize. Each year the prize is awarded by the Stockholm International Water Institute during World Water Week, which is visited by researchers and experts from all over the world.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

In 1994, Scandic's environmental work was introduced in full force. Nordic Swan Ecolabel, also known as Svanen (the Swan), has been a very important corporate partner from the start. More than 4 out of 5 of our Nordic hotels are eco-labelled and the proportion is growing all the time. Swan is the toughest eco-labelling, and the official Nordic Ecolabel, founded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Some of the many more benefits to work with Nordic Swan Ecolabel are:

  • Independent third party certification, Type 1
  • Overall perspective with tough criteria requirements (energy, water, chemicals, waste management and recycling)
  • Mandatory limit values that all must pass
  • One of Sweden's most well-known brands (96%) with extensive marketing communications
  • An important sustainability tool for public and private procurement/purchases

Eco-labelled suppliers

We also select suppliers and products labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or the EU Ecolabel, everything from furnishings to printed materials and cleaning chemicals. Together with our suppliers, we strive for an increased number of eco-labelled products at our hotels.

EU Organic

You will find the EU's official labelling of organic food in our breakfast buffets, amongst other places.


In Norway, Scandic cooperates with Debio with the goal of ensuring the organic food in the country. Scandic's breakfast in Norway is certified by Debio.


In Finland. we co-operate with Luomu. The organisation's main goal is to promote organic products as part of Finnish food culture.

Dansk Ø-Mærke, Statskontrolleret Ø kologisk

At Danish Scandic hotels, you see the Ø-labelling of organic food and beverages. It was introduced in 1989 and guarantees that the product is approved by the Danish authorities. The organisation works with the entire chain from production to consumption.


It is important to us that we seek balance in the Earth's resources. Therefore, we always follow the WWF's guidelines for sustainable fisheries. We also participate each year in WWF's Earth Hour demonstration to show the seriousness of the climate issue.


The Fairtrade label is an ethical and social label for human rights. Through the purchase of Fairtrade products, democracy and non-toxic cultivation are promoted, as well as work against child labour and discrimination. We only serve Fairtrade coffee at our hotels in Finland, Norway, Germany and Sweden.

UTZ Good Origin

UTZ guarantees that the coffee has been grown with social and environmental responsibility, and the coffee can always be traced to a country and its farmers. All the coffee we serve in Denmark is UTZ certified.


Thanks to the cooperation with Lazarushjalpen, many socially deprived children will at least receive one Christmas present. This partnership exists in many areas of Sweden today.


Retoy is a Swedish organisation that arranges toy exchange days and play days, with a focus on children's rights. When they visit Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm, we usually help with overnight stays.

Save the Children

When disasters happen in the world, we usually make a contribution to Save the Children, and also ask for help from our team members and guests to raise funds.

Scandic in Society

We are involved in the local community around each hotel in each country. Together with our key corporate partners in the form of companies, organisations and real enthusiasts in our vicinity, we work to create a good society.

Contribution to sustainable initiatives

Over the years, we have supported a variety of exciting and important initiatives in sustainability. Including:

  • Polytechnic Society – Engineering students from the Danish Technical University test their inventions and practical sustainability solutions at the Roskilde Festival.
  • Quick Response – Journalists who expose, debate and educate about discrimination in the media.
  • Miljoresurs Linne - Competition between catering colleges in environmentally friendly food preparation.
  • Copenhagen Business School – Educating 18,000 students to become sustainability ambassadors with a focus on enterprise opportunities.
  • KFUK-KFUM Sparreviken's camp – A camp for children with an immigrant background where they can enjoy spending time outdoors with other children.
  • KFUM Umea – 15 days of relaxation, summer jobs and courses in the countryside for unaccompanied under-age refugees.
  • Consumentor/Shopgun – Information on the ethical, environmental and health-related effects of consumer goods distributed via the internet and mobile phones.
  • Rattviseformedlingen (Equalisters) – Helps companies and organisations find special people and under-represented groups for recruitment, lectures, etc.