Allergy-friendly breakfast for vegans and gluten intolerant guests

Scandic is the only hotel chain that serves a breakfast buffet to suit everyone, from people with different types of food allergies or gluten intolerance to vegans and vegetarians.

A better morning for everyone

We are the first hotel chain in Sweden to be able to now offer an expanded breakfast buffet with vegan and allergy-friendly products. The initiative is based on feedback we received from guests who have certain types of allergies, intolerances or who are vegans.

We listen to our customers

In September 2015, we received feedback about our breakfast which called for a larger variety, for example, for hotel guests who are sensitive or allergic to certain foods. Scandic launched its new breakfast concept at all Scandic hotels in Sweden.

On the menu

The products consist of lactose, milk and gluten-free products from 6 main suppliers.

  • Arla Foods
    Products such as lactose-free milk, buttermilk, yoghurt and butter
  • Oatly
    Non-dairy toppings, oat yoghurt and oat-based beverages for coffee
  • Risenta
    Gluten-free muesli seeds and dried fruits and berries
  • Schär
    Gluten-free breads, soft bread, crispbreads and crackers
  • Valora Trade
    Products from Carlshamns dairy with non-dairy margarine
  • Planti
    Soyghurt, soy, oat and rice beverages


Vegan options
There are also vegan products such as Tartex, hummus and vegan cheese.