Scandic, Karma & Too Good To Go

For half price or less, you can buy hotel breakfasts, lunches, conference snacks or dinners that are left over from the day's service at our hotels throughout Sweden. With a few easy clicks on the food apps Karma and Too Good To Go, you can save food that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Karma AND TOO GOOD TO GO – The apps that reduce food waste

Scandic is the first hotel chain in Sweden to connect to Karma's digital service. This collaboration with Karma is nationwide and so far Scandic has about 40 partner hotels with more on the way. This app will show you quickly and easily where there’s food to be saved nearby. You simply purchase the food you want to save and then collect it before the specified time.

Our goal with Karma

By saving food with Karma you are helping to reduce food waste and create a more sustainable society.

“The goal is for all of our restaurants in Sweden to be partnered with Karma. It’s a simple way for us to reduce waste and contribute to a better environment. Food should be eaten, not thrown out, and this way customers and guests can buy delicious food at a fantastic price”, said Thomas Fankl, Scandic's restaurant business manager in Sweden.

The Karma app can be found on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as on Google Play for Android.


To Good To Go 

With the app Too Good To Go you can monitor if there's any food left from the breakfast buffet on your local Scandic hotel. Instead of throwing it all away the food can be fetched after the breakfast hours at the hotel. Usually from 10.00.