Scandic Classics

Why not try our Scandic Classics, our most popular dishes? Served at our hotels in the Nordic countries.

OUR 2 popular classics

We aim to serve you a culinary experience regardless if you´re visiting us for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! At most of our hotels, we serve our popular dishes we call Scandic Classics or other tasty local dishes.

Caesar salad

Chicken, romaine lettuce with organic sourdough croutons, bacon and parmesan. Served with our own Caesar dressing.

Burger & Fries

A burger made of 100% beef, bread, Cheddar cheese and Dijon mayonnaise.

Some hotels also serve Steak Café de Paris and Chocolate Trifle

Steak Café de Paris

Grilled beef with oven-baked cherry tomatoes and Café de Paris butter. Served with butter-fried potatoes tossed with rocket and sea salt. Extras: Mini Caesar salad, Béarnaise sauce, pepper sauce, red wine sauce.

Chocolate Trifle

The ingredients talk for themselves – light and airy chocolate mousse, white mascarpone mousse, meringues and biscotti, strawberries and bananas.