Water – our most important resource

When you stay with us you drink the best water available. Sustainable water from our very own taps. Filtered and carbonated if you like. Served in jugs made of recycled glass.

Pure water without waste

We do a lot to conserve and avoid the unnecessary contamination of water:

  • Low-flow toilets
  • Special shower heads
  • Sinks with sensors on the taps
  • Efficient washing machines and dishwashers. For example, many of our dishwashers reuse the last rinse water to pre-rinse the next wash
  • Automatic dispensing of cleaning chemicals so as to never use a single drop unnecessarily
  • 90% of our cleaning, dish washing and washing chemicals are ecolabelled
  • Completely chemical-free cleaning methods using steam and microfibre cloths

We measure our water consumption

Since 1996, we have measured water consumption at all our hotels, once a month. When we started measuring, each guest used 240 litres of water per day. Today, that figure is down below 200 litres per day, lower than required for us to label our hotels with Nordic Ecolabel.

Smart drinking water without transportation

We used to transport almost 4 million bottles of water to our hotels. Every year! Of course this is unsustainable. Therefore, we now invest in the best water available. Our own water from taps that cool, carbonate and filter so that the valuable minerals and salts remain. This reduces fossil carbon-dioxide emissions by 160 tonnes per year, based on our previous sales.