An easier way to a better stay

The Scandic app is not only a time saver. When downloading it you'll receive several benefits which will make your stay even more comfortable.

Your next booking is just a few taps away!

When downloading it, you'll receive even more benefits, which will make you stay at one of our 270 hotels even better. Download on the App Store or Get it on Google Play.

  • Information about all Scandic hotels, restaurants & bars
  • Access to your past and future bookings 
  • Save upcoming stays to your calendar
  • Stay logged in to unlock member benefits
  • Keep track of your points, level and member benefits
  •  Check-in and check out in the app

Take the fast track way when you stay — check-in & checkout



  • Checking in is only a few taps away  — we make sure to have the key ready upon arrival
  • Easy to handle room payments in the app while checking in
  • Check-in in the app is open until 14:30 local time on the day of arrival
  • We'll let you know when it's time to check-in
  • The room is ready on the agreed check-in time
  • Check out when you're ready to leave the room
  • Anything more to pay? Handle payments easy during the checkout process
  • Leave the key in the room, and you're good to go — but we will see you again soon, right?

Download your membership card to Apple Wallet:

  1. Download the Scandic app and log in to your profile
  2. Go to the tab My points 
  3. Click on Card in the right corner
  4. Add to Apple Wallet

Please note, if you level up or down you'll have to download a new card to your Apple Wallet.

Download from App Store

Download from Google Play

Make sure to always have the latest version of the app on your mobile since we are continuously improving and updating the content

Please reach out if there are things you wish to see in future versions: