But first, a warm welcome

As a receptionist, you have the privilege to be the first person our guests meet when they arrive at the hotel. A perfect position for you who love to be where the action is going on. You and your team members are the center point of everything; coordinating the departments, receiving bookings, managing administration and guiding our guests.

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Welcome to our hotels' hub!

This is where our guests often come with questions and need for support. You never know what challenges you will face during the day at the hub, but you and your team members will find the solutions together. Teamwork makes the dream work.

What skills do you want to develop? As a receptionist, you have great career opportunities. We want you to grow. Perhaps you want to become a supervisor in the future, work at the support office or move abroad? With us, you can develop in many different directions. Welcome to our many receptions.

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