How it all started

In Autumn 2003, Magnus Berglund was appointed the Accessibility Ambassador for Scandic. One of his first tasks was to train our team members.

We are continually improving our accessibility offerings

Magnus has taught our hotel staff to understand what it is like to be a guest who has a disability. We feel that it is important for all of Scandic's team members to be knowledgable in providing service for our guests with accessibility needs.

The requirements for worry-free travel naturally vary depending on whether one is wheelchair-bound, has allergies, visually impaired or hearing impaired. That's why we always keep updated on just what those requirements are. To ensure a standard that is as even as possible at our hotels, we have drawn up the Scandic Accessibility Standard.

Smart solutions

With the help of smart solutions, we design hotels where all of our guests can be happy. We prioritise accessibility in both our newly built and renovated hotels, constantly improving the standard of what we can offer. As well as technical solutions and practical matters, we believe in care and consideration. Showing interest and commitment is in many cases just as important to ensure everyone is enjoying their stay with us.