A walk in the park

As the globetrotter I’ve become, I always track down doggy-friendly green parks and spots close to the hotel I stay at. Check out my favorite places here, and give your master a tip next time your stay at Scandic.

 Doggy-friendly spots




With lawn outside the door with adjoining wooden area, this is a paradise if you have to leave the room quickly.


Around 200 meters from the hotel you find a nice park to take a stroll in.


Just accross the road you find a field and a nice forest. There is a good change that you will be unleashed. 


A little islands with cliffs which are perfect to jump from. Not very appreciated by my master but fun for us.


Green spots and walkways just around the corner.


 A nice city with plenty of nice places in every direction from the hotel.


 A park just outside the door. Nice and quit, I'm often the only dog there.


A block away you find a big park with lots of friends to play with and your master can exchange a few words with mine.

 Green areas just around the corner


Perfect place with a lot of grass and hiking areas close to the hotel.


On the opposite of the hotel it's a park called Humlegården. Thank's to the fence I'm allowed to run freely. 

At Djurgården there are plenty of greenery. A very nice place to go for longer walks. And at the back of the hotel they even have a garden. Not for us to play in though.


A slope to bounce around at and a forest behind the hotel. Perfect for the morning walk.


The city of birch! There is a passage with them nearby that fits for a short walk.


In Vaxjo you have both green areas and a forest just outside the door.


Nearby it is a big lawn on which you can run around.



Here you can find many green areas in all directions from the hotel.


Just across the street there is a little lawn and a small forest.

Less than 100 metres from the hotel there is a park with a big pond with water in the middle. The only sad thing is that we are not allowed to jump into it nor to be unleashed.


There is a nice spot by the church around 250 metres from the hotel.


Around 150 meters from the hotel there is a big park area.


Walk 50 meters and cross the street and you find a big park. Perfect for a nice longer walk.


If you like to swim this is the place for you. A lawn just outside the hotel and 100 meters away there's a lake. 


There is a park 250 metres from the hotel, not so big but very nice.


Just cross the bridge and you will find a small grean area on both sides.

Perfect distance - a lawn just outside the door.

A very nice place with fields and a lot of green areas among the villas. 




You find a long boardwalk along the water and some greenery a few meters from the hotel.


At the back of the hotel you find a big park where you can stroll around.




Just cross the street and you are in the middle of a big green park.



Imaging a grass slope where you can play apport with your master in the middle of a big city. And just behind the hotel there is an area with fence.


Watch out for cars when you cross the street. A tip is to walk the 150 meters to the zebra crossing. Then you enter the big park.

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