Taste Break

During the afternoon, we tempt you with our Taste Break, our famous buffet consisting of sweet and salt, delicious extras and healthy snacks. The Taste Break can vary depending on which of our countries you're having your conference in.

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Having a meeting at Scandic should be easy. And delicious! 

This new version of the Taste Break as in the photo above is only available at our hotels in Sweden.

The most important decisions and creative ideas need energy, and we're good at providing just that. We are especially pleased to announce that we have revamped and transformed our already popular Taste Break snack buffet into something truly unique. So that it can satisfy every craving from root vegetable crisps to the addiction for crunchy Asian salad.

The Taste Break in 5 themes at Swedish hotels

  • Urban
    Modern, inspired by street food. Examples of food & beverages: American bread rolls, Buffalo wings with chilli mayonnaise, American pancakes, mini doughnuts, energy shots.
  • Middle East
    Lots of sweetness, influenced by the Middle East. Examples of food & beverages: pitta bread with baba ganoush and hummus with smoked Tabasco, cheesecakes, fruit salad with cinnamon and raisins, iced tea with pomegranate.
  • Asian
    Tangy, exotic flavours. Examples of food & beverage: five-spice cake with frosting and goji berries, sashimi in rice paper, crispy Asian salad, coconut mousse with grated lime, and mango, orange and coconut smoothies with a touch of chilli.
  • Nordic 
    Classic combinations – with a twist. Examples of food & beverages: egg and anchovy salad with crispbread in anchovy can, flatbread roll with reindeer steak and cress, seven kinds of cake, strawberry and mint punch.
  • Garden
    Inspired by summer garden parties. Examples of food & beverages: pancakes filled with raspberries, green pea soup with mint, éclairs with various fillings, raspberry, cucumber and lemon juice.

The Taste Break divided in sweet or sour at Norwegian hotels

  • Drinks:
    Smoothie - 5 variations of flavours, available different days
    Milkshakes - made of ice, available different days
  • Sweet:
    10 cookies/muffins.
  • Healthy:
    Based upon the season: vegetables, fruit salad (including seasonality berries) yoghurt with muesli, marinated watermelon, cherry tomatoes with olive oil or salt, fruit plate, small sandwiches (grain bread) with topping, energy bars of which some are with dark chocolate, yoghurt with mashed berries or nuts.
  • Based on nuts:
    Our own nut mix such as salt-baked almonds, fried smoked cashew nuts, roasted peanuts without salt or dried fruit.
  • Allergy friendly:
    Pecan pie, coconut tarte, chocolate cake, muffins (gluten free/lactose-free) gluten free wrap or gluten-free wrap or pave bread.