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How do you want to meet? Face to face, online or something in between? For us, it doesn't matter how you prefer to meet, what matters is that every meeting you have with us will be a great one.

Book a hybrid meeting with us

Don't let the distance stop you from hosting a great meeting. With the right technology, you get the feeling of being together. And no matter which solution you decide on, all standard meeting components are included, such as an inspiring hotel ambiance, whiteboard or flip chart, pens, post-its, coffee, tea, Scandic water, fruit and more!

How do I book? 
Booking a meeting is easy, use the request form on here on our site and we will get in contact with you, or give us a call.

Explore our hybrid solutions:

Small level — Better meetings, also digitally

Book a meeting with standard equipment, along with a screen that is shared with digital attendees using the camera on their own computer or other devices.

  • Access to high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Screen & projector
  • Speaker

Medium level — One meeting, multiple locations

A meeting with upgraded technique to provide a better experience for those joining digitally. The camera and microphone detect people and voices in different areas of the room.

  • Access to high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Screens
  • High-quality camera with ultra-wide lens and zoom that allows mobility around the room, remotely controlled.
  • Intelligent sound management that cancels unnecessary noise and focuses the sound on the person who is speaking.

Large level — Being together also digitally

A meeting with tailormade technical setup such as professional video equipment, virtual rooms, streaming services, multiple cameras, etc. This level is provided together with our tech partner.

  • Dedicated wired prioritized access.
  • Access to high-speed Wi-Fi 
  • Technical setup is tailormade for your needs and purpose.
  • Technician on-site