Sigge - The kid's best friend

For a while now, we have had a character called Sigge staying with us. He is a spiky little hedgehog who loves children and gets up to lots of mischief in our hotels.

Who is Sigge?

Sigge is a hedgehog and is between 7 and 9 years old. He does not remember exactly what year he was born and every time he talks to his mum, he forgets to ask. Sigge lives in Scandic hotels in the Nordic region and is good friends with wolves, foxes, deer and hares.

Sigge is resourceful and playful, always finding fun things to do all day long. He can always think of something to do. With Sigge you are never bored, and he brings out the creative side in every child. He loves blueberry pancakes and holding pancake parties! Sigge is full of mischief. Full to the brim. On the other hand, Sigge knows the difference between being mischievous and having bad manners, so he never encourages children to misbehave.

He is the best friend a child could ever wish for, and someone who thinks up amazing and ingenious things that make Scandic a great place to stay for children.

Short facts about Sigge

  • Name: Sigge
  • Age: 7-9 years old
  • Gender: A boy hedgehog
  • Nationality: Scandinavian
  • Family: Mum, dad and 10 hedgehog siblings
  • Lives: At Scandic hotels
  • Characteristics: Mischievous and playful
  • Interests: Passionate about the environment (grew up in the forest!)
  • Likes: Pancake parties and making children feel welcome at Scandic
  • Friends: Children, wolves, foxes, deer, hares
  • Languages he speaks: Children's language
  • Things you didn't know about Sigge: He is very careful with his quills and a little vain - he wants his quills to look just perfect