When working in the restaurant

When you work in the restaurant, there are many things you can do to make things easier for guests with accessibility needs.

Putting out coffee cups and glasses

At Scandic, we care about small things that are more important than you may think, like making sure that coffee cups and glasses are placed at a height where everyone can reach them. Cups and glasses should always be placed at two levels: low and high. Look at how the coffee cups and glasses are placed at your hotel. Is there anything you need to change or improve?

Serving breakfast & lunch buffets

If you’re serving a buffet, is everything easily accessible to guests using a wheelchair?

If you’re serving a guest that uses a wheelchair, offer to help make space for them at the buffet. You can also offer a tray that makes it easier to carry a plate.

Food for all

At Scandic, we serve food that suits everyone, from people with different types of food allergies or intolerances to vegans. To ensure that we take the best possible care of our guests with food allergies, it’s very important to tell your fellow team members and the kitchen staff about the guest’s allergy.

When serving a guest with an allergy, always confirm that we’ve taken their allergy into account. For example, “Here’s your fish in a lactose-free sauce.”

When serving our guests

Just like any other guest, a person with accessibility needs and wants to stay at a hotel where they feel welcome and comfortable – a place they can stay without any hassles. Our team members in the restaurant are an important part of creating great guest experiences at Scandic.

How do you best serve a guest that is blind? And how do you welcome a guest that uses a wheelchair in a restaurant? Find out by watching the films below.

Serving a guest that is blind

Serving a guest that uses a wheelchair


If you serve a guest that is blind, how should you serve the food?

  •  The same as for any other guest, but explain what is on the plate going clockwise.
  • The same as for any other guest and explain what is on the plate.
  • When preparing a buffet, how should you place the coffee cups and glasses?
  • At both a low and high height so everyone can reach them.
  • At a low height so everyone can reach them.


The best way to get ready to help guests with special needs is to experience the world as they do. Borrow one of the hotel’s wheelchairs to move around the buffet and serve yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • Was it easy to get everywhere and reach everything?


Get one or more team members together and serve each other lunch. One person can serve and the others can eat while wearing a blindfold. While this isn’t a perfect simulation of what it’s like to be blind, it will help you use senses other than your sight. It can also give you a better understanding of how to serve guests with a visual impairment.


Scandic’s 159-point Accessibility Standard. As a part of our work to make our hotels accessible, we’ve created a checklist of 159 points to ensure that we’re really as accessible as we say we are.

More information about accessibility solutions Visit our special needs pages to learn more.