Breakfast and minishop

Start your day filled with energy. Our breakfast buffet offers more than 100 different choices, many of them organic. We also offer a wide selection of gluten- and lactose-free choices.

We put high demands on the breakfast we serve

We serve over 100 energising, breakfast items every morning – many of them organic. Today, food plays an important role in a sustainable world. That’s why we serve both organic and sustainable coffee.
  • Signs at our breakfast buffet show you the way to the healthy options.
  • There's gluten- and lactose-free bread, if you ask for it.
  • We have a special kids' breakfast during holidays and weekends.
  • We serve organic and sustainable coffee.

Our breakfast has now become even better

At Scandic, we prepare our own organic rye bread at our hotel and allow it to rise overnight. This means that there's always fresh-baked rye bread for breakfast the next morning. We have also added 'skyr' to our breakfast buffet, so there is now a delightful alternative to yogurt.

Our shop

  • There’s a shop at almost all Scandic hotels
  • They are open 24 hrs a day.
  • You'll find everything from toothbrushes to playing cards and snacks.
  • You can buy light meals and take them with you up to your room.
  • You can buy a cappuccino or a juice to go.