Wellness events and sessions

Wind down, relax, and feel a sense of balance in your body and mind at a series of sensual events and courses at Strandpark Wellness.

What is a saunagus?

Saunagus is a unique sauna experience which mixes aromatherapy, warmth, enjoyment, meditation and socialising. The 'Gus Masters' guide you through each session and with their towels, water and various blends of essential oils, they ensure that you enjoy a unique experience.

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Join our 1.5 hour Saunagus with some of Denmark’s best 'Gus Master' at Scandic CPH Strandpark, where you’ll be spoiled during three beautiful and warm gus sessions, with the opportunity to take a dip in the sea at Oresund. Different types of gus sessions are held continuously where gusmeisters pamper you with their specialities. In addition, you can use the entire Wellness area, which includes a stone bath, Snowbliss (snow bath), steam bath, bucket shower, heated bench with footbaths, a pool and lounge area.


Saunagus DKK 295 including towels and bathrobes

Good advice:

To get the best saunagus experience, make sure to eat and drink before you arrive to avoid getting dehydrated from the heat. Remember to bring your swimwear, a water bottle and slippers.