Wellness treatments

At Spectrum Wellness, we offer a wide range of treatments for both body and soul. Step into a world of well-being and round off a relaxing treatment with full access to our wellness area.


At SPECTRUM WELLNESS, we want to give your body the very best nature has to offer whilst avoiding unnecessary chemicals, plastic, and other additives. We believe that your skin gains the best benefit from the use of natural methods using natural products. For this reason, we only use pure almond oils, essential oils, organic herbs, and salts, including ingredients from our own kitchens and herbal gardens. We make use of unique Yroli products whose main ingredients are microalgae, Nordic berries, and African fruits – all of which are free-growing or organic and properly cultivated. This means that we offer unique and sustainable treatments.  

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Please note that the minimum age for all treatments is 16.  

Scandic Signature Treatment

Our signature treatment is the ultimate treatment for your body. Here, you will experience a full body treatment using the best, organic and sustainable Yroli products.  
We start with a gentle scrub of the entire back of the body, followed by a facial peel and massage. Then we scrub the front of the body, before it’s time for a relaxing body massage, where Yroli body oil is allowed to work with the skin’s microbiomes, making the skin feel fresh and alive again. We then rub you with Yroli body lotion into your skin and complete the treatment with a leave-on mask followed by a stress-relieving neck massage. An all-in-one treatment that brings peace and balance to your body and soul.  

90 minutes DKK 1,695 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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Spectrum Mini Signature.

Imagine that you are lying on a soft and warm surface. The music invites you to a feeling of well-being and pampering. Your face is cleansed with Tonic water with herbs from our roof garden, followed by a gentle steam treatment of the face, which opens the pores and softens the skin. Meanwhile, your hands get a relaxing massage with Yroli Body Lotion. When your skin is ready, exfoliating Yroli scrub is massaged in, which is then cleansed and finished with micellar water. Now it's time to apply Yroli face oil no. 1, before we start working with our Rosa Quartz Gua Sha facial roller and stone, to relax and cleanse the connective tissue, leaving your skin renewed and glowing. Your treatment continues with the Yroli leave-on mask while you get a delicious neck and scalp massage. The treatment ends with an uplifting foot massage.

60 minutes DKK 1,195 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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Spectrum Allure.

We start with a gentle washing of the face, after which we apply our spirulina mask, which is a strong antioxidant. While the mask works with the skin, you get a gentle neck massage. We apply Yroli Face oil no. 1 and now begins acupressure of all points that stimulate the nervous system and circulation. Then all the organ zones are massaged, after which the wrinkle points are stimulated, which contribute to smoothing and prevention.
In this last phase, lymphatic drainage is carried out so that the waste substances are transported further into the body. You are brought into a state of “floating out of your body” experience. The treatment ends with a foot massage to ground and bring you back

45 minutes DKK 895 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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Fascia repair by Yroli.

A full-body treatment that works gently with the Fascia (the body's connective tissue).
Let the skilled hands of your therapist, in combination with our natural Yroli products, bring you into a deep relaxation for face, body and mind, through softening and stretching of the body's fascia (the body's connections between muscles, cranial nerves and connective tissue).
We work on the back and skull, as well as the face and legs, where delicate pressures and stretches strengthen and increase the connective tissue's nutrient supply to the skin. In this way, we release the deep tensions, so you will experience instant relaxation and release. In this treatment, the whole body is wrapped in care that will give you a soothing and relaxing feeling.
The treatment resets your body and puts it in balance, strengthening the skin's natural functions including increased hydration, fullness, firmness and elasticity.

90 minutes DKK 1,695,- (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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In the winter we are at our best. Park your everyday life at the entrance and step into a universe of sensation and warmth. “Hygge” is a full-body treatment created for those of you who love winter coziness. We start with a dry brushing of the whole body, which is excellent for removing dead skin cells and waste materials, stimulating blood circulation, and fighting cellulite and fat deposits. You are then massaged and enveloped in a wrap of our own unique body butter winter edition, which gives the skin the ultimate moisture, nourishment, tightening and pain relief. While you lie in your warm and relaxing wrap, we will pamper your face with gentle steam and the scent of bark and conifers. We finish the treatment with a cleansing with micellar water and Yroli face scrub. A relaxing and at the same time uplifting treatment, where body and mind completely reset, and the focus is on the present.

60 minutes DKK 1,195 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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SpICE Glow - face & feet  

Our "all-in-one" treatment for you who are "on the go" and need an immediate and quick boost. The ideal treatment before or after a trip out into the city's summer sun.

We have combined 4 treatments in one, which gives you relaxation and tranquility and leaves a feeling of being recharged and radiant fresh again. We start with a facial dry brushing, which exfoliates dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, sends more nutrition and oxygen through the skin, and stimulates the lymphatic system so that the skin is cleansed. Next, we apply a Turmeric mask, which enhances the natural glow of the skin and reduces redness, acne and psoriasis. The mask also has a light UV protection. The penultimate step is our unique ice therapy, which reduces facial swelling, dark circles and redness. You will find that your fine lines and wrinkles tighten, are lifted and defined. We finish with soothing foot massage so you are ready to go out into the world on soft feet, and with a face that radiates excess.

45 minutes DKK 895 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)

Pre-Beach Treatment (June - August)

Pre-Beach is a seasonal treatment, and its name says it all. A treatment that gets you ready for a trip to the beach or the city. We dry-brush the body, removing the dead skin cells, and giving the skin a natural lustre, as well as reducing cellulite. You are then given a massage using Yroli body oil for an uplifting effect that boosts your skin and protects it. Finally, we rub your entire body with Yroli’s fantastic absorbent and protective sun factor. The treatment ends with a short, relaxing, and moisturising facial treatment that gives the skin an uplifting feel and sense of freshness. 

70 min. costs DKK 1,295 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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A - must have - treatment when pregnancy starts to lower energy levels – at the start, middle and end of the pregnancy. You receive a relaxing full body massage with extra attention paid to the feet and back using our organic and sustainable products from Yroli. We focus on areas where the body is under the greatest strain and devote extra care and attention to those places. You leave feeling extra energised and pampered.

80 min. costs DKK 1,495 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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Wellness massage

If you need a stress-relieving break from everyday life, we can offer relaxing wellness massages.  You’ll receive a gentle massage while lying down, listening to relaxing music with the scent of essential oils drifting through the room. This treatment allows the body to recuperate after a long day of shopping, a strenuous flight, or other activities.  

30 min. costs DKK 595 | 60 min. costs DKK 895 | 75 min. costs DKK 1,095.
(includes 1 hour access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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Rasul self-treatment

The Rasul spa treatment gives you the opportunity to experience a wonderful, uplifting, healing and purifying body treatment using Moroccan clay. During treatment, you are taken to our private Rasul room which you have all to yourself. We demonstrate how to apply the different types of clay, so you are confident that you are using them correctly. You start with a salt/herb body scrub and then rinse yourself off in the shower. Then, it’s time to apply the different types of mineral clay to yourself and to each other, before sitting in your own steam chamber and experiencing the moisturising effects of steam several times, while sensing how the water molecules interact harmoniously with the different types of clay. 

45 minutes session.

1 person costs DKK 695 | 2 people cost DKK 1,095 | 3 people cost DKK 1,595 | 4 people cost DKK 1,995 (includes 1 hour of access to our wellness department prior to treatment)
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All prices are in Danish crowns and include VAT and service. Treatments must be paid at the point of booking. All treatments can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the time of the appointment. Cancellations up to 24 hours prior to treatments free of charge. Cancellations between 24 and 12 hours prior to treatment incurs a 50% charge. Cancellations later than 12 hours prior to treatments are non refundable.