Who lives in Denmark's palaces and castles?

Throughout Denmark you'll find beautiful, old palaces and castles that were once the residences of kings and queens, princes and princesses. All the palaces are home to fascinating stories of regents of bygone days as well as the present day.

Visit Denmark's palaces and castles on your holiday

When you tour Denmark on your holiday, you'll see beautiful old palaces and castles as well as stately manors spread all over the country. Denmark has one of the world's oldest monarchies, and its descendants have always lived in the palaces and castles. Most of the castles are accessible to non-royal guests - so pack your car or strap on your bicycle helmet and take a trip to visit Denmark's palaces and castles.

Amalienborg in Copenhagen

Amalienborg is located in the heart of Old Copenhagen, a part of the town known today as Frederiksstaden. The palace consists of 4 almost identical palaces, located across from each other in an octagonal plaza. Every day at noon, the changing of the Danish Royal Guard ceremony takes place at the palace. Everyone is welcome to witness the changing of the guard - a fun event for young and old alike. At Amalienborg, in Christian VIII's Palace, you'll find a fascinating museum. You can walk around the palace and admire, for example, Christian X's Study Room, Dining Room and the Golden Cage where all the treasures are kept.

Queen Margrethe and her family normally reside at Amalienborg. You know they are home when the Danish flag flies over the palace.

Amalienborg Palace

Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen

Located in the middle of Rosenborg Castle Gardens is a true fairytale castle with turrets, bay windows and curlicues. You can walk around almost the entire castle, as it is designed as a museum. Its well-preserved interior takes your thoughts back to the days when kings and queens lived here. See, for example, the king's toilet, formerly known as 'The Secret'; the Marble Chamber where Christian IV slept; or be dazzled by the glittering crown jewels in the castle's basement.

Christian IV had it built and it soon became his favourite castle. He loved the castle so much that he commanded he should be transported from Fredensborg Palace to Rosenborg when he died. Today, no one resides at Rosenborg - apart from perhaps some friendly ghosts.

Kronborg Castle in Elsinore

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle is located at the point of Zealand, which is the shortest distance between Denmark and Sweden. The castle was originally used for collecting the Øresund dues. The menacing guns are aimed out at ships in Øresund, so sailors would not dare to try to pass by without paying duty to the king. Explore Kronborg Castle and walk down into the deep underground casemates, where Ogier the Dane (Holger Dansk) has slept for hundreds of years. According to legend, he will wake up the day Denmark is threatened by enemies.

Kronborg Castle has been home to one of the most renowned princes in literary history - Shakespeare's Danish Prince Hamlet. Shakespeare never visited Kronborg himself but had no doubt heard the rumours of the riotous life in the castle from the many actors who performed there. Hamlet is the world's most frequently performed stage play.

Schackenborg Castle in Møgeltønder

Schackenborg Castle in Møgeltønder is best known as the home of Prince Joachim and his family. The castle's original buildings date from the 13th century and were owned at the time by the Bishop of Ribe. The castle buildings that we see today were built in the mid 17th century. During summer, you can take a guided tour of the beautiful castle gardens.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie moved from Schackenborg Castle in 2014 and today the castle is owned by a fund.

Schackenborg Castle

Valdemar Castle at Tåsinge near Svendborg

Valdemar Castle in Tåsinge was built by Christian IV in the mid 17th century for his son, Valdemar Christian. The castle is open to visitors and if your tour takes you to Funen, you and your family shouldn't miss out on a visit to Tåsinge. Behind the castle's thick walls await a myriad of exciting experiences. Walk around the beautiful rooms, where princes and princesses, barons and baronesses once lived. An exciting treasure hunt awaits the youngest guests and leads children through the entire castle whilst explaining its history.
Weather permitting, you can finish the visit with a dip from the perfect white sand beach behind the castle.

A baron now resides at Valdemar Castle and you may encounter him on your tour of the castle.