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With us you don't need to worry about parking. There’s a spacious parking area in front of the hotel.

Please pay parking on arrival at the parking machines.

Long-term parking for hotel customers
Guests staying at the hotel can leave their car in the hotel parking area when going on a longer holiday, although maximum two weeks (EUR 35 per week, EUR 60 per 2 weeks, EUR 110 per 3 weeks). You must stay at the hotel at either the beginning or the end of the holiday.

Outdoor parking (Autoparkki)

  • Number of charging points for electric cars: 4
  • Charging prices provided by the charging provider.
  • Parking can be reserved in advance: No
  • Distance to hotel: 10 m
  • Price range:
    10 - 60 EUR
Weekday prices
Price per 24 hours 10 EUR
Weekend prices
Price per 24 hours 10 EUR