Spa area

The bright, 1,500 sqm spa area has water slides for water enthusiasts of all ages, a wave pool, jacuzzis and many different massaging points as well as an outdoor pool.

A refreshing pool holiday

Our amazing spa facilities offer a refreshing break away from it all. You can also enjoy drinks in the spa – the Bahia pool bar and in the summer the Eden Beach area are open to customers. We also offer a versatile selection of aquagym classes and swimming classes. Free use of the spa is included for hotel guests.

Pools and saunas


There are many kinds of slides. We have several different slides for the youngest in the family and for the bravest visitors we have terrific long slides. One slide is curving partly outside the building and you slide using tyres.


There are 3 jacuzzis in the spa, one of which is a super warm, 37-degree hot pool. There are many massaging waterfalls, showers and streams around the pool area. Try the refreshing cold pool as well.

Wave machine

On the hour, when you hear the announcement, head for the main pool when the wave machine starts. You can also float along the stream. In sunny weather, the outdoor pool with sun loungers and terraces is delightful.

Pool Water temperature Depth
Big pool +30–32° C up to 160 cm (gradual slope)
Outdoor pool +27–28° C 140 cm
Children’s pools +32° C 15-25 cm
Jacuzzis +32° C  
Hot pool +37° C  
Cold pool +10° C  

The average total chlorine content of the pool water in all pools is approx. 1 mg/1 l water. The freezing temperature limit for the outdoor pool is -10°C. The freezing temperature limit for the tyre slide is -20°C.


Scandic Eden Nokia pampers those who appreciate saunas: try the traditional sauna, a lovely humid tropical sauna or the scented sauna.

For a separate fee, you can try the infrared sauna, where the heat rays have many beneficial effects. The heat rays stimulate blood circulation and improve the oxygen intake of your body, and the cells in your body get more nutrients. Sweating removes all the waste products and other toxins that have accumulated in your body.

Infrared sauna prices

  • In connection with a spa visit 5 ä/person
  • Without a spa visit 10 ä/person
  • 10-visit card 90 €/person

The price of the infrared sauna includes 30 min of sauna, a towel and a refreshing water bottle.