Magical northern lights

Let's demystify the northern lights, go out and about and watch for yourselves the greatest show of them all.

Explore the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland

What's the perfect time to witness the northern light you may wonder. Basically, you could spot the phenomenon all year around, but during the lighter months, you'll need special tech equipment. During the winter months, especially at the beginning of the year, the nights can be ice cold. But on the other hand, you may add dog sledding, skiing and other wintry activities to your agenda during the daytime.

If you prefer a little warmer temperature the autumn months of September and October would be just about right. Pack warm clothes, proper shoes, a camera and a decent amount of patience, and you'll be ready for adventure.

Stay convenient at one of our hotels up north, in Sweden, Norway or Finland, well suited for your mission - the Aurora Borealis hunting.