The old town of Gdansk

In Gdansk, visitors can soak up the Polish flair of the colourful old town with all its different facets. The historical city centre is made up of the old town and the historic main town. With its numerous towers, churches, monuments and other sights, Gdansk has plenty to offer in terms of architecture and much more. Visitors can travel back in time, discover delightful shops and amble through the historic pedestrian zones. We have put together the highlights for you.

Gdansk King’s Road (Droga Królewska)

Together with Long Market, the long street known as King’s Road – ‘Droga Królewska’ – is the most impressive area of the city. The 2 streets are home to a multitude of tourist attractions and mark the main streets of the main town. Whether you’re looking for historical or culinary highlights, there’s something for everyone here.

Long Market (Długa)

Long Market, also known as ‘Długa’, runs from the Rathaus (town hall) in the main town to the Green Gate. The Rathaus was built in the 15th century in the Mannerist style and contains the Gdansk Historical Museum. Another attraction on Long Market is Golden House, which is the most imposing of all the old residences in Gdansk. On the facade of the building, which dates back to the 17th century, there are sculptures of Cleopatra, Oedipus, Achilles and Antigone. A few steps away from Golden House is Artus Court. Built in the Renaissance style, it is, along with Neptune Fountain, one of the most important sights in Gdansk. At the end of Long Market, visitors will find Green Gate, which was originally built as a royal residence and which now houses political offices and Poland’s National Museum.

Long Lane

Connected to Long Market is Long Lane, or ‘Ulica Dluga’. Here, among other attractions, is Uphagen's House, the only 18th century merchant house in Poland that’s open to visitors. Designed in the Rococo and late Baroque styles, the building is a symbol of the lifestyle of Poland’s merchants. With its exceptionally well-maintained interior, Uphagen’s House is a highlight for visitors. If you follow Long Lane you reach Golden Gate, which marks the start of Long Lane.

Mariacka Street

Mariacka street runs parallel to the King’s Road and is considered to be the most romantic street in Gdansk. It runs from St. Mary’s Church to St. Mary’s Gate. With its attractions, its elegant facades and its old street lamps, Mariacka street is a very beautiful destination.

This impressive street with its magnificent merchants’ houses is the perfect place to search out galleries, art shops and amber workshops. From the elevated terraces, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the old town and watch the passers-by over a cup of coffee.

St. Mary’s Church, located at one end of Mariacka street, is the largest Gothic brick church in the world. From its 80-metre high tower you get a fantastic view across the city. If you continue along the street you come to St. Mary’s Gate, which also provides excellent views of the city. Mariacka street ends at the Mottlau waterside promenade, which runs along the banks of the river. Here visitors can marvel at the Gdansk Crane. It’s one of the most famous landmarks of the city and today forms part of the National Maritime Museum.

Churches in Gdansk’s old town

The old town to the north of Gdansk is home to numerous churches, which are well worth visiting due to their architecture and building style. One of the most important churches in Gdansk is St. Catherine’s Church. It’s the oldest church in the city and is known for its Gothic and Baroque features. Just a few minutes away on foot is St. Nicholas’ church. This is the only Gothic brick church in Danzig that was never destroyed and rebuilt in the past. Externally the Gothic church is extremely simple, but inside it surprises visitors with its gilded high altar and Baroque choir stalls. Another much-treasured Gdansk building is St. John’s Church. Also Gothic in style, this church now houses a concert hall and various exhibition spaces.

Scandic Gdansk located just a few minutes' away from the old town.

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