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Restaurant Upstairs

Book a table upstairs and enjoy our wonderful breakfast buffet in a spacious, homely setting. We serve lunch in this flexible room, which can also be used for informal evening events.

We hope you wake up hungry! As the first hotel chain in Sweden, we serve our breakfast buffet with something for everyone, from gluten-intolerant guests and vegans, to those who love dairy and meat. You can help yourself to a tasty mix of healthy and enjoyable food here.

If you work it out, that means we serve over one hundred energising breakfast items every morning. Since we know that food contributes to a better world, we serve organic products including Fair trade and UTZ-certified coffee.

This hotel, including the restaurant and the bar, is cash-free. You can pay by card or with Apple- or Samsung Pay. We accept most common cards.

Opening hours

Opening hours
Breakfast: Mon-Sun 07:00-11:00