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Enjoy good food and beverage and feel comfortable at our restaurant or our food court where you make your own selection of food. In the morning we will serve our popular breakfast buffet.

Our restaurant and bar are just as popular with hotel and conference guests as with Skelleftea residents. In our modern, lively restaurant, bar and lounge enjoy a truly relaxed atmosphere. Our cuisine is a natural hub for our guests, whether they're choosing amongst the mouthwatering dishes in our food court or ordering a delicious meal from our kitchen.

Our dishes draw inspiration from all over the world, but always with a clear, local influence from Sweden and Norrland. We serve everything from cuts of succulent meat to flavourful vegetarian and green options. And of course, we don't forget to cater for those with allergies. Our chefs are on hand and always happy to share their best tips with you or tell you more about the dishes we offer. Sit back and enjoy a local beer or a delicious drink.

We are open for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and everything in between.

This hotel, including the restaurant and the bar, is cash-free. You can pay by card or with Apple- or Samsung Pay. We accept most common cards.

Opening hours

Opening hours
Breakfast: Mon-Fri 06:00-09:00, Sat-Sun 07:00-10:30
 (See special opening hours for 23-29th of May. : Mon-Wed 06:00-09:00, Thu-Fri 06:00-10:00, Sat-Sun 07:00-10:30)

Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:00-13:00, Sat-Sun Closed
 (The lunch is closed between 26-29 of May. Other days are open as usual. : Mon-Wed 11:00-13:00, Thu-Sun Closed)

Dinner: Mon-Sat 17:00-21:00, Sun Closed
 (The restaurant is closed on the 26th of may. Other days are open as usual. : Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 17:00-21:00, Thu, Sun Closed)

After Work: Fri 15:00-23:00, Mon-Thu, Sat-Sun Closed