Lifestyle Concierge

Friendly, open, curious and always on the run. Kristian Hell, originally from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, really personifies the “people’s person”. He seems to always be looking for new experiences and encounters (this guy has more than 3900 friends on Facebook!).

Kristian is your guide to new experiences 

Discover something unexpected. Our Lifestyle Concierge Kristian Hell will be happy to share secrets of hidden urban gems and guide you to outdoor city adventures and rooftop experiences.

Kristian spent most of his youth playing basketball and doing long distance running. After school he studied fashion, opened a concept store, and started his own denim brand - all before the age of 23. Eight years ago, he crossed land and sea to find himself in Stockholm. Kristian has since had a busy career as the front of house at the hipster hangout, Trädgården, and with his own brand, Ssideline City.

As the new Lifestyle Concierge at Downtown Camper, Mr Hell has once again set foot in new territory. He is now officially our “Mr Know it All” when it comes to Stockholm, his fun and relaxed running group has become an activity that attracts locals and travellers alike, and he is the go-to person if you are looking for ideas for something to do during your stay.

Hi there Kristian! What makes you “tick”?
- It’s simple - good people doing good things.

You meet new people every day. What's that like?
- People come from all walks of life and if you can find something in common with them there’s a good chance of learning something new. We are living in a world where it seems as though everyone has their guard up a little too high. The best part about being surrounded by people is that it provides the opportunity to become a better version of your ‘self’.

What do you love about Stockholm?
- When my time came to leave Australia and explore the world, I had a one-way ticket to Heathrow Airport - and no plan. Stockholm turned out to be the third city I visited. After ten days of Scandinavian clean (the air, the streets, the fashion and design), I chose to “accidently” miss my return trip to the UK and soak up some more of the vibe here. I came here with nothing more than a backpack and a pair of sneakers but I have stayed put for eight years, so my answer to your question is; it’s the capital city of a country that wants to be better.

Why are you doing what you’re doing?
- I’m stubborn and passionate about my decisions. It’s the evolution of my being. Why is it that in 2017 the hardest thing to do is often what you enjoy doing the most?

Tell us about your role here at DTC?
- I think being head hunted for a cutting-edge signature hotel is the ultimate compliment to my previous work. I was inspired when Scandic said it would be cool to integrate what I do with the day-to-day life at Downtown Camper. I was also surprised that a business of this size was willing to actually listen. My title is Lifestyle Concierge, which I think translates to ‘be you’. My role is to make strangers friends, integrating guests with locals and locals with guests. As an example, we are collaborating with the some really cool Stockholmers and local business partners, e.g. the app Lokalii that offers unique and fun events on a peer-to-peer basis, to make sure we can deliver a memorable experience for all our guests.

What makes a great vacation in your opinion?
- Letting unexpected things lead to finding inspiration. It might be meeting new people that you find something in common with, accidently stumbling upon a place that you really like, or soaking up a new exciting culture. All we are trying to do in our life is to find our way home. And “home” is not always at home.

If you could leave people with one piece of advice, what would it be?
- Have you ever watched a family of ants make it work? “Politik Of Mutual Help” is tattooed on my right arm.