delicious sandwiches

Whether you want to fill up on carbs after a jog, get energized with fruit before an important meeting or splash out on a luxury weekend treat, you’ll be happy. With our breakfast buffet, you can compose a sandwich for every occasion. And to trigger those tastebuds and inspire new favorites, we’ve put together 11 sandwiches that do good and taste great.

Delicious sandwiches for every occasion

Take a look at our 11 ideas for super delicious sandwiches easily made here. Scandic's breakfast buffet is always included when you stay at one of our hotels in the Nordic region, and there's no end to its variety. Only your imagination (and maybe the time you have available) can limit you. Get inspired by 11 ways to make super delicious sandwiches.

The Brie weekender

This gourmet sandwich is both delicious and nutritious, giving you the energy you need to explore a new city. Place a couple of slices of brie on a slice of sourdough bread covered with salad leaves. Crown your creation with raspberry jam and a few thin slices of apples.

The Early bird

The combination of turkey, Dijon mustard and a large cup of coffee will perk up even the tiredest of breakfast guests. This wonderful sandwich is perfect before a big meeting or that early morning flight home to your family. Don’t forget the shoots on top.

The Big morning after

Our most popular Sunday sandwich is a new take on the classic English breakfast. Take a fresh slice of toast, smother it in scrambled egg and baked beans, then finish with crispy bacon, a few parsley leaves and a dollop of HP sauce.

The Swede

A satisfying classic that tastes even better in the summer. Start with your choice of crispbread, then continue with hard-boiled egg, pickled herring, frisee lettuce, chives and a few thin slices of radish. Add a few slices of potato and your Midsummer’s Eve is saved.

The Dane

What could be more red and white than ryebread and a strong cheese? Begin with a thin layer of cream cheese, then add a strong Danish cheese, or a French blue cheese, and top with blueberries, honey and a few thin slices of pear. Don’t forget a scattering of walnuts for some extra nutty crunch.

Everyday luxury with a crunch

A deliciously healthy sandwich that will set you up for a long and productive day at work. Choose a crunchy crispbread and spread on a generous layer of cream cheese, then add sliced cherry tomatoes and top with a sprig of aromatic basil.

Training treat with bacon & gherkin

Whether you’ve beaten your personal best in the gym or you’re just a fan of cold meats, you’re going to love this protein-packed pick-me-up. Think crispy bacon, pâté, leaf lettuce and a pinch of parsley on top.

Gluten-friendly vegan

The sandwich everyone can enjoy any day of the year. Choose a gluten-free crispbread and spread it with a plant-based option. Top with sliced banana and green apple. Yum!

Mighty marathon

Before a long run, this deliciously filling and fresh sandwich is just what you need. Spread a thick layer of creamy cottage cheese onto your bread, add a boiled egg and finish with a few slices of cucumber and radish.

Party pancakes

The perfect breakfast on your birthday, or any other day for that matter. Layer up whipped cream and one or more pancakes, then top with nutella and a handful of raspberries. Oh yes!

Xmas salmon

Treat yourself to an uncommonly luxurious sandwich that is just as good on a Christmas morning as it is on any old Tuesday. Begin with a couple of thin slices of cold-smoked salmon on dark ryebread, then top with a dollop of that classic dill and mustard dressing Hovmästare sauce plus chopped red onion. Tasty!


The content of our breakfast buffets can vary, so it may not be possible to make all the above suggestions at every hotel. It is, however, always possible to create delicious sandwiches. Loads of them, in fact!