Better mornings last 24 hours

Bring yourself new power in the morning together with people you like. Small talk or discuss the big ideas whilst indulging in another round of breakfast.

Keep up a better feeling the entire day

What it really boils down to is, not only the making of a perfectly boiled egg (sorry, we can´t help ourselves, the food is important to us!) but the importance of keeping a great feeling the entire day. We greet each other with “good morning”, but what we really should wish each other is - have some “great 24 hours ahead”.

A better morning starts with a great yesterday

If you go to bed satisfied with your day or evening, the more likely you are to have a good night´s sleep. And a good night's sleep affects your morning mood. Quite logic you might think. But still, why don't we take even better care of ourselves. Saturday mornings might be your time to have a sleep in and a slow breakfast. But once in a while, come on over to our hotels on a regular weekday to indulge in a hotel breakfast with crunchy granola and crispy bacon. 

We say, let the breakfast social hours begin.