our members had their say on our breakfast buffet

To get to know our members even more and what's most appreciated on our breakfast buffet we sent out a survey combined with a competition. Here are parts of the result and the winners of hotel breakfast for a month.

One of the best things about a hotel stay is breakfast according to many guests. Go to sleep in the know there will be a tempting buffet served in the morning. But what's considered to be the most appreciated food on the buffet and how do we behave differently around the breakfast. Do you prefer porridge or granola? Are you a fast or a slow eater?

Eggs and bacon are the highest ranked items on the buffet

Most important on our breakfast buffet according to 1.413 Scandic Friends members who took our survey, were eggs and bacon which ranked highest closely followed by yoghurt, muesli and fruit. Important is also a wide variety in the offering of items. 46% eat breakfast for 31-60 minutes while 11% like to eat really slow. Over 68% off all participating members thought breakfast played an important role when choosing hotel.

Did you know that we serve 1.5 million litres of orange juice during one year?

Combined with the survey we also asked two questions. See if you can do the calculation right! See the answer further down.

Try it yourself - do the orange calculation

Scandic serves 1,5 million litres of orange juice during one year at breakfast. One average orange weighs 0,2 kg and it takes approximately 2,2 kg to make 1 litre of juice. How many oranges does it take to keep our Nordic breakfast guests unthirsty? 

Which alternative is the correct one?

  1. 165 000
  2. 1 650 000
  3. 16 500 000
  4. 165 000 000

See the correct answer below

If you would pick anything from the breakfast buffet and eat it all day from lunch to dinner, what would you eat?

Together with the survey, we asked our members If you would pick anything from the breakfast buffet and eat it all day from lunch to dinner, what would you eat? 

We now have 3 winners with the correct and best answers:

Congrats Yvan Tomme from Belgium!

1st prize winner of our breakfast buffet for a month 

"Please tell me what your secret recipe is for the granola at Scandic Europa, it is SO good! The perfect way to start the day :-) But there is one secret ingredient that has not been mentioned here... That one thing that makes breakfast at Scandic hotels so special: that is your wonderful staff! All staff members (and I mean all staff members, no matter what their function or role is) are very friendly and Always have a big smile available for your guests. That smile and the healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start the day! Keep on smiling... :-)"

Thank you so much, Yvan! Really great to hear that you appreciate your stay with us, and yes, we will keep on smiling! Even though we'd prefer if you visit us for breakfast, we, of course, would like to share our tip on how to make our granola. Good luck! Link to the recipe on our popular Granola.

We're also very curious to know a little bit more about Yvan, so we asked a few questions.

We’d love to know why you’ve chosen Scandic and a little bit about who you are?

- I choose Scandic Europa for practical reasons. It is well situated to have easy access to public transportation, it is a spot in the city centre, and since I like to shop for music records that is very convenient. What I also like is how you create an image of a hotel that cares for the environment and for their staff. The small notes in the room on how your guests can cooperate in creating this green and caring image. I work at Volvo Group as an IT Risk & Compliance Officer. I am located in Belgium, but with frequent business trips to the 'mothership' in Göteborg. Happily married and a proud father of two daughters and a son.

We want our guests to feel well-being. What makes you feel well-being when staying with us?

- There are the obvious reasons for my ‘hotel-well-being’: the rooms, breakfast and the location, but more important is the staff. Everyone always has a smile available. People are really there to help you and assist you. Did I mention that the granola at Scandic Europa by itself is a reason to stay there…

Which is your favourite Scandic hotel and why?

- Scandic Europa! Good advice to all travellers: be kind to hotel staff, because they can really make your day/stay!

What would be the ultimate benefit for you as a Scandic Friends member?

- I am very happy with the benefits I get today as a level 3 Scandic Friends member. Mt very personal ultimate benefit would be a refrigerator in my room 😊 Some kind of inside joke since this is what I always mention in the hotel reviews that I get sent by Scandic… It is hard to tell what else I would like, I enjoy the digital magazine, I like the daily coupon…

Who would you love to invite for a Scandic hotel breakfast?

- I would like to take the family, my wife and my 3 kids, the kids would clear the buffet from all the pancakes, and my wife would love to try that granola so she can try to make the same at home!

Congrats Angela Doring from Sweden!

2nd prize winner of our breakfast buffet for a week

"Eggs. Because you can make omelettes, burritos, boiled egg, fried egg, huevos rancheros etc. Eggs never get boring and they are also healthy".

Great to hear that, thanks! And agreed - eggs never go out of fashion. There are several ways to prepare eggs in the morning.

Congrats Dr Stephan Bouman from Denmark!

3rd prize winner of our breakfast for a weekend

"Obviously, that would be the bread! At no point during the day, you can say no to warm freshly-baked bread with a little butter and cheese or marmalade"

Mmm, you're absolutely right. What could be better than an affectionately prepared sandwich with some hot coffee or tea, perfect start the to the morning.

The right answer to the orange calculation question is: It takes 16 500 000 oranges to serve orange juice to all our guests at breakfast during one year.