7 reasons to eat porridge

Skiers choose it for improved ski performance. New Yorkers because it’s trendy, and environmentalists because it’s kind to our planet. Here are 7 really cool things about porridge.

1. It’s simple to prepare

A pot, a handful of oats, some water - now we’re cooking! Porridge for breakfast is a real time-saver. Top with nuts, berries, a few crunchy apple slices, drizzle a little honey and tuck in.

2. Good for you

Did you know that oats are packed with nutrients? For example vitamin B1, iron, magnesium and zinc. The fibres in oats help the body reduce absorption of the bad cholesterol that can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

3. Breakfast of champions

It’s no coincidence that porridge is the favourite breakfast of many athletes. Carbohydrates fuel the body and protein keeps hunger at bay for longer. A great start to a day of exercise for either body or mind.

4. It’s all the rage

If you like porridge, you’re not alone. New Yorkers like theirs on-the-go, in London it has taken its rightful place on gourmet menus, and for a few years now in Copenhagen, this superfood has even had its own restaurant: Groed. Keep a lookout for new names such as steel cut oats or overnight oats to keep up with the latest in all things porridge. 

5. Good for the planet

Bacon and eggs for breakfast sounds good, right? But while you prepare your porridge you can hold your head a little higher. You see, oats and other grains are royalty among climate-friendly foods. Also, many types of porridge oats are perfect for growing in our Nordic climate, making it easy to find it locally produced. If you go for the organic versions, you can be sure that no pesticides have been used in cultivation.

6. Brings out your creativity

There are loads of smart ways to use leftover porridge. For example, use it to bake a moist bread. Or the favourite: fried porridge. Refrigerate the porridge overnight, cut into slices and brown in a good-sized dollop of butter. Welcome to heaven.

7. It’s yummy!

Last but not least, porridge is super-delicious! Forget the sticky, tasteless types you’ve endured in the past and make way for creamy, smooth or fluffy porridge with new and exciting flavours. Load up with toppings like nuts, berries, maybe a touch of syrup and experiment like crazy with vanilla, cardamom, or whatever takes your fancy. Good luck!