Sauna menus Finland

Sauna menus are valid at selected hotels in Finland.

Delicious evening in the sauna

Please make food orders to saunas in advance. Please choose the same menu for the whole group. Sauna orders for minimum of 4 people. Menu and prices valid until 31 May 2024.

  • Caesar Salad 16,00 € (L)
    Romaine lettuce, toasted croutons, parmesan and caesar dressing
    Add: Shrimps or grilled chicken breast 5.90 € (L, G)
  • Burger 23,50 € (L)
    Grilled domestic Black Angus beef burger, burger mayonnaise, aged cheddar and French fries
    Add: Bacon 1,00 € (L,G), blue cheese 1,00 € (G)
  • Vegan Burger 21,50 € (M)
    100 % vegan burger with vegan fillings: cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, pickled onion and French fries
  • Sauna sausages 22,50 € (L, G)
    Bratwurst, barbecue sausages and Finnish potato salad
  • Snacks 9,80 € (L, G)
    Potato chips, salted nuts, corn chips and salsa dip

Please order the following items at least 2 days before the event

  • Smoked reindeer bake 23,20 € (L, G)
    Beetroot, gherkins and baguette
  • Jansson’s Temptation - traditional Swedish casserole with anchovies 21,20 € (L, G)
    Beetroot, gherkins and baguette

L = Lactose free, G = Gluten free, M = Milk free